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5 Trendy and Thoughtful Gift Ideas That Will Wow The Receiver

If the person receiving the gift feels that the sender has chosen the special gift with him or her in mind, the purpose of gifting is fulfilled. Gifts are send to show care and gratitude, so a thoughtful gift always warm the hearts.

Here are 5 theme-based gift boxes that will be surely appreciated, used and remembered for a long time.

  1. By Your Side Gift Box – Gift of Bedside Essentials

Having the essential things at hand’s reach in the bedroom is key to peaceful night sleep and that wonderfully calm feeling on waking up. This is why, ‘By Your Side’ Gift box is a thoughtful gifting choice.

A journal notebook for penning your thoughts, or noting something important while in bed, a calming book about the good news from around the world that can help you glide peacefully into sleep, a beautiful bedroom copper jug with inbuilt drinking cup, it’s a well- known fact that drinking water stored in Copper vessel has many health benefits. A hand serum to hydrate while you rest, a waterproof vegan leather tray to keep your things organised on the side table. Whether you are gifting it to your parents or to a couple for their housewarming, this thoughtful gift will be welcomed and used for many years to come.


  1. Coffee with Books Gift Box – Perfect Gift for Book Lovers

Imagine reading your favourite book, lounging on a cushion and sipping coffee, enjoying the cool breeze as it sways the dream catcher, while biting into some delicious Blueberry Mocha Chocolate. This is the enjoyable experience that the Coffee with Books gift box presents the receiver.

  1. Fit and Fab Gift Box- Best gift for Gym Goers

If you know that the person is a fitness freak or a gym goer, then the Fit and Fab gift box is the perfect gift to send them. Packed with a double walled vacuum flask, a gym towel, training band, skipping rope and a shoe bag , it also includes a deep cleaning face and body wash for post workout.

  1. Meals and Memories Git Hamper - Perfect gift for the Foodie

Utilitarian and cool, the Meals and Memories gift hamper is sure to win the hearts of many.

With a wooden platter engraved with ‘Meals and Memories Are Made Here’, a book filled with age old family recipes, stories and food memories of well-known personalities, a lovely lemon print apron and a jar of nuts & seeds healthy trail mix. The gift also includes a reusable jute bag/ basket that can be used for storage purposes.

  1. Unplug Gift Box- The gift of digital detox

Unplugging from the digital world occasionally is prime for bringing back focus and direction in our lives. How amazing is a gift box of activities that can help the receiver to relax, disconnect and reconnect later with a sharper mind?

An Adult doodle colouring book, a book of fun games and activities, pop the bubbles, the blink card game and the old-time favourite maze game makes for a fun gift. Perfect for anyone who needs a digital detox, and as a get- well soon or pastime gift  for those advised to take rest at home or hospital.

Thoughtful gifts are well deserved and for the long haul. Many of the items in these gift boxes can be used in daily life and double up as conversation starters too, bringing in happy memories each time of the person who gifted it.






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